Monday, December 8, 2014

Beginning of the week (Goals)

3-D printing and Trails

This week we now have a coded brain and can begin testing the robots ability's. We also are going to  try to print a 3-D funnel which I have already designed in solid-works. Our group plans to implement it into the shooter so that we can store many ping-pong balls at once and then fire them off rapidly

3D printer, printing
New functioning Brain

Friday, December 5, 2014

End of the week (Accomplishments)

Working on the power point

This week we accomplished a good bit of what we wanted to. We completed the finishing touches on our robot including the implementation of a new brain to insure the robot's functionality. We also begun working on the power point presentation that goes over all aspects of our game. It is not finished yet but we have until Wednesday of next week to get it done.

Working on the power point
Finished grabbing mechanism

Monday, December 1, 2014

Beginning of the week (Goals)

Testing and Organizing

This week our robot is mostly complete. We plan to test it in the arena and see how well the robot works with the new brain and controller and the ping-pong balls. We are going to be looking for how well the claw works as we can already see how well the shooter works outside the arena. We also have to find a location for the motor's wires, as of right now they are loosely hanging in the middle of the bot. Programming the brain is another thing we have to work on during this week.
Today we were issued our mid-term and what it consist of, so our group may begin working onthat this week as well.

New Brain in place

Up to date robot 12/1/14

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

End of the week (Accomplishments)

Short week

This week we only have had 2 days too make improvements so we haven't accomplished as much as we would have hoped too and will continue to work on our goals next week. We have established are plan on switching brains but have not made any action towards it yet. We also have not been able too make many improvements too our shooting mechanism as well but we have some ideas in mind.

Old brain too be replaced
New brain to be put installed

Monday, November 24, 2014

Beginning of the week (Goals)

Trajectory and Stability 

This week we plan to adjust the Trajectory of the shooter to have a more desirable arch. We have to improve the stability of the it as well. Our other goal is to add some flat metal to in the middle of the bot in an attempt to organize our wires. Also we have a rough idea to improve the shooter by adding a cylindrical tube made of flat metal for storing more ping-pong balls at once. This is so we can shoot more than one in rapid succession.

Messing around with the tradjectory 
Wire mess

Friday, November 21, 2014

End of the week (Accomplishments)

Updated Claw and Tightening 

New motor
New Claw
This week we replaced a faulty motor in the claw mechanism. We also adjusted to the claw itself  to better pick up the ping-pong balls. The shooter mechanism was tightened this week as well, however there is still some issues with the shooter's stability, as it loosen every time it is used.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Beginning of the week (Goals)

Claws & Motors

Defective motor 
New and improved robot
This week we have to replace a faulty motor in our claw mechanism. This will probably be finished today. We also have to adjust the metal pieces that make up our claw. At the moment they are flat and straight. We need to curve them and add anti-friction padding. Since our robot is generally new we will be perfecting the new design and making sure that everything is working up to our expectations. The overall plan for thins week will be testing and tightening  

Starting to fix the claw